Hunting Information

Axis   Price   Fallow
Trophy Axis up to 34"   3500   Trophy Fallow Hunt   4000  
Trophy Axis 34" Plus   4000          
Aoudad       Scimitar Oryx      
Female   2000   Bull or Cow   4000  
Male under 30"   3000          
Male up to 35"   3500          
        Turkey Hunt   1250  
Blackbuck Hunts              
Blackbuck Antelope up to 23"   2500          
Trophy Blackbuck 23" plus   3250   Whitetail      
        Management Deer Hunt      
        Mature Whitetail Buck That Does Not Have An Ear Tag & is 9 Points or less   2000  
Rams       Trophy Hunts Pricing Below Is Gross TGR Scrore Plus Width

Black Hawaiian Ram   Market Price          
Mouflon Ram   Market Price   120-131   2500  
Corsican Ram   Market Price   131-140   3500  
Red Sheep   Market Price   141-150   4500  
Texas Dall   Market Price   151-160   6000  
        161-170   7500  
        Over 170   100 p/inch  
Nilgai Bull   4250          
Nilgai Cow   2000   Meals & Lodging      
        Per Non Hunting Guest Per Day   150  
        Per Youth Guest (18 & Under) Per Day   75  
Blue Wildebeest              
Trophy Blue Wildebeest   4500   Per Hunter Minimum Charge (Includes Room/Board/Guiding)   1000  
        If you kill this price is already included in your animal price      
Under 34"   4500          
Trophy Gemsbok 34"   5000   Gratuity 10%      



  • A 50% non-refundable deposit per hunter is required to secure date.
  • Wounded or lost animals will be charged the same as a kill.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice
  • Prices do not include airport pick-up, guns, or ammo - unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Guests Provide their own alcoholic beverages RMC Ranch does not serve or provide alcoholic beverages.
  • Tips for the RMC Ranch staff are not included in the pricing but are humbly and gratefully appreciated.